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Research Area
Research Experience
2012-present Lab of Experimental Hydromechanics, Institute of Mechanics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Current Position: Head of the Lab
2007-present Department of Hydromechanics, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Current Position: Associate Professor
2009-2012 Lab of Aeromechanics and Wave Dynamics, Institute of Mechanics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Last Position: Lead Scientist

Engineering Experience
2005-2012 Khrunichev-Aviatekhnika, contract work for the Boeing Company (Moscow, Russia)
Last Position: Engineering team lead, Stress Department
Responsibilities included:
  • Linear and nonlinear Finite Element Analysis using ABAQUS software
  • High-nonlinear impact problems (bird strike, tire impact, etc)
  • Static contact problems
  • Composite structures analysis
  • Structural optimization
Main Projects:
  • Analysis of crack propagation in composite parts (stringers, ribs and panels), preparation and support of tests
  • 787 APU pump shield
  • 787 impact-loaded access door
  • 787 side-of-body joint
  • 787 rib-to-stringer composite ties
2003-2005 Lulka scientific and technical center, NPO “Saturn” (Moscow, Russia)
Last Position: Stress Engineer
Responsibilities included:
  • Finite Element Modeling using MSC.Patran/Nastran software
  • Prediction and avoidance of resonances, flutter and rotating stall of compressor blades
  • Structural optimization
  • Dynamic loads calculation
  • Preparation and providing of tests
  • Development of general methods of blade flutter analysis
Main Projects:
  • AL-31FP, AL-41, AL-55 compressor blades  
  • AL-31FP compressor disks
  • AL-31FP pipelines
  • Al-41, AL-55 framework

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